Two Free Brochures Explain Networking

JDL Technologies recently published two brochures to help educators understand various aspects of networking, including configuring LANs and securing Internet access. An Educator's Overview to Networking provides insights into LocalTalk-to-Ethernet migration, 10BaseT Ethernet, switched Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, routers and switched fast Ethernet. The second brochure, An Educator's Overview to Internet Access takes the confusion and frustration out of acquiring Internet access and delivering its content to teachers and students in a fast, safe and cost-effective manner. The guide includes information on JDL's CyberLibrary and SecureSearch services. JDL also provides vendor- neutral train-the-trainer courses in networking fundamentals, Internet access and network administration. JDL Technologies, Edina, MN, (800) JDL-3969,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.