Activities Examine Electricity & Batteries

Rayovac Corp. offers a brochure to help teach students about electricity, batteries and protecting the environment. 

In one activity, for example, students must identify, classify and list common items that use electricity. They then may call their city hall or power company to find out how electricity is generated locally. Other activities demonstrate how batteries work and what happens to them when they are thrown away. 

NBA player Michael Jordan invites kids to tell him what two things they would miss the most without batteries; those who write will receive a picture and a coupon for a basketball. 

Rayovac manufactures Renewal, alkaline batteries that can be recharged using a patented Power Station. A built-in microchip knows exactly how much power each battery needs and charges it accordingly. Rayovac Corp., Madison, WI, (800) 237-7000.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.