Turn Any Whiteboard Into Electronic Aid

The Digital Flipchart system captures notes and diagrams created on a standard whiteboard using a small video camera. Images are automatically saved to a Windows 95 PC for later review or printing. At the end of a meeting, one also may distribute copies of the electronic files via e-mail or publish them as HTML documents on the Internet. 

One simply attaches the system's camera to their LCD projector, loads the Digital Flipchart software and installs the image-capture card in a desktop or notebook PC. The camera's "eyes" then capture any notes made with markers over the projected images. Plus, the software can project "virtual buttons" on the whiteboard, thus enabling one to control the computer by touch. 

A Visualizer option even permits the capture of information from paper materials. Any bitmap editor can be used to edit captured pages or merge them into another file. TEGRITY, Inc., San Jose, CA, (408) 369-5150, www.tegrity.com.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.