Access Enterprise Data Sources in Real Time

Salvo Vista, Simware's Intranet development framework, speeds the creation of a new generation of Web-centric applications that find, extract and consolidate enterprise-based information. The product runs on Windows NT v3.51 or better.

With Salvo Vista, staff enjoy real-time access to critical data sources of their organization, supporting key business processes such as student admissions, billing or accounts receivable.

Key is the software's unique Information Object technology, which separates the way information is presented by the user interface from both the underlying application logic and from the actual data sources.

Salvo Vista provides a robust object-based development framework with three key benefits. First, "Information Rules" that represent data access, process and presentation functions can be re-used. Second, if changes are needed, only the definition of the affected server-based Information Rule need be changed. Third, additional functionality is easily added to applications.

Unlike other approaches, Salvo Vista is server-based and scales to networks of any size. Applications and enhancements are deployed with ease. Finally, it can be configured to take advantage of server-specific technology such as Netscape Server API.

Salvo's centralized server can also function as the single entry point to all of an organization's information sources. Extensive filtering and security tools are included. Simware, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (800) 267-9991,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.