New Products Facilitate Distributed Computing

WebCrusader products provide a secure, proven infrastructure for distributed computing that integrates the desktop with data and services via the Web. The family comprises five components, all based on the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).

WebCrusader Connect Client is software that runs as a proxy to users' standard Web browser, intercepting HTTP requests and examining the URLs. If an URL refers to a DCE object name, the software tunnels the request to the specified server and locates the desired application, object or document residing on it.

If the requested access is authorized, then WebCrusader Connect Server performs the operation (e.g., read, write, update or delete) and returns the results. It can alternatively forward requests to another server.

And WebCrusader Secure AppEngine helps developers build secure, high-performing application servers without writing any DCE code. Its SCGI C-language library presents a familiar interface based on CGI/HTML protocols.

In some cases, network administrators may wish to install WebCrusader Security Authority, which permits communication via a commonly available protocol, such as SSL. This less-secure solution suits end users with older or lightly configured machines.

WebCrusader Commander is a visual administration tool for managing permissions (called Access Control Links) as well as principals and servers.

Customers can configure WebCrusader components to create an architecture that best meets their needs. Gradient Technologies, Marlborough, MA, (800) 525-4343,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.