Videoconf. Solutions Work Across Platforms

Intelect Visual Communications (IVC) offers a full range of videoconferencing solutions in both local and wide area networking environments. IVC products support multiple platforms including Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and most UNIX systems.

Unlike analog products, these digital videoconferencing systems can run on existing wired or wireless TCP/IP-based networks including Ethernet, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, Full T1/EI, ISDN/Switched-56 and ATM. Using Motion JPEG compression technology and the TCP/IP protocol ensures greater image quality and reliability.

LANscape (PC and UNIX versions, desktop) and Visionary 100 (small group) are the firm's two LAN-attached solutions. Users of these products do not need a multipoint conferencing unit as integrated software handles this function.

For wide area networks, IVC offers Panorama PC and Panorama UNIX for the desktop and the Visionary WAN group/rollabout system; both are H.320 compliant. LAN-to-WAN transfer is accomplished via IVC's unique VuBridge videoconferencing gateway. This product has special applicability for educational institutions.

Finally, IVC's Conference Manager software helps administrators allocate bandwidth and establish call priority and network security measures. Intelect Visual Communications, Palo Alto, CA, (212) 317-9600,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.