Survey Ranks K-8 Math Software

A recently completed survey by Education Market Research (Rockaway Park, N.Y.) names The Learning Co. as the leading math software/CD-ROM publisher in elementary schools, with six of the ten most popular titles. 

The goal of the National Survey of Mathematics was to explore the similarities and differences between K-8 teachers in public, private and Catholic schools in terms of behaviors and preferences relative to evaluating, adopting and using an elementary math program. A detailed questionnaire was mailed to 4,500 K-8 classroom teachers in schools across the U.S.; responses were analyzed by grade level and by adoption states, compared to the national averages. 

The firmís educational division, The Learning Co. SCHOOL distributes products under the brand names of MECC, The Learning Co., Comptonís and SoftKey. 

EMRís top ten list includes MathKeys, which covers whole numbers, probability, geometry, fractions, decimals and measurement for grades K-6; Math Rabbit, with four circus-themed activities for grades K-2; and TesselMania, a math creativity tool for grades 3-12. 

The Learning Co. SCHOOL now offers more than 120 products tailored for students in grades K-12. The Learning Co., Minneapolis, MN, (612) 569-1500,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.