Audio Bridge Is Conf. Solution

Using DSP technology, the QuickTalk audio conferencing bridge operates automatically, from any phone, by anyone, anywhere. It installs by connection to T1 or E1 trunks, with D4, ESF or ISDN signaling, via the PBX or switch.

Suited for certain distance learning and training needs, the bridge supports up to 12 simultaneous conferences, with from two to 24 participants. Three-levels of security provide management; automated announcements guide use; and built-in system diagnostics monitor and report problems.

With QuickTalk, thereís no operator, no routine maintenance and no training in use. To start a conference, simply pick up a phone and follow automated voice prompts. Its suggested price is $15,000, and demonstrations can be arranged with the firm. Autel, Wellesley, MA, (617) 239-8219.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.