Campuswide Wireless E-Mail Alerts Cost Just $6 Month/Student

Universities can now wirelessly alert students of waiting e-mail and other information for a monthly fee of $5.95 that is guaranteed for their enrollment duration. Free t-shirts for students will help to promote the program.

AirMedia Live sends students a wireless alert within 30 seconds of e-mail arriving. The alert indicates the senderís name, when it came, and the campus server on which it waits.

This wireless broadcast technology is a variation of so-called ìpushî delivery, being used here to deliver filtered Internet content.

Each student subscriber sets up an account that can include selected delivery on-demand of news, sports scores, stock market updates and more, as well as e-mail. AirMedia constantly monitors a stream of broadcast wireless information services, ìpushing outî selected content to subscribersí PCs. Multimedia viewers utilize video clips, sound effects and animations in playing back content.

AirMediaís software operates in the background, gleaning desired content during all hours when a modem is not connected. It also supports multiple accounts by a student on many services, like CompuServe, AOL and a national ISP.

Revenue for campuses is provided through a special program in which schools receive $5 for each student enrolled. AirMedia, Newport Beach, CA, (800) 247-6334,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.