Customer Service Course Benefits Institutions

Customer Service Excellence, a CD-ROM training program, is designed to assist an organization in all of its customer contact. Part of the firmís Business Sense Series, three CDs combine video, audio, graphics and exercises to open employeesí eyes and change their attitude towards customer relations.

The first disc, Getting Ready for Customers, emphasizes the importance of first impressions. The second and third discs, Successful Customer Contact and Excellence in Demanding Situations, provide advice on customer care with particular emphasis on specific skills such as turning a troublesome encounter into a success.

Customer Service Excellence includes Brain Teaser exercises and interactive video role playing to heighten studentsí interest. It tracks student progress and offers pre and post testing, bookmarking and customizable and reproducible print materials.

A Course Administration Guide, Tutorís Guide and Studentís Workbook are all included. Xebec Interactive Learning, Inc., Belmont, MA, (800) 932-3292, W

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.