Drawing Tablet Is Built for Teens

Based on patented technology, Pablo makes computer-based drawing easier and more affordable. Aimed at teenagers, the product is an extension of kidBoardís kidDraw, an electronic drawing tablet for young children.

By manipulating a pressure-sensitive electronic pen, Pablo users can draw, paint, sketch, trace, illustrate and erase on the tablet, watch the image appear on the computer screen, and cut and paste it into any Windows or Macintosh application. The harder one presses with the pen, the thicker the lines will appear.

A bundled software package suits serious and novice artists alike. When finished, students may import their artwork into word processing files, Web pages or multimedia presentations. kidBoard, Inc., Edina, MN, (612) 926-7995, www.bismark.com/kidboard/.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.