Hunt for Dino Fossils Kids Explore Paleontology Career

Wanna-Be a Dino Finder, the first in a series that lets kids ìtry onî various careers, is an interactive learning adventure that teaches kids, through a series of games, how to dig, document and preserve fossils. Created for children ages 6 to 10 by teachers and child psychologists, it also instructs in science, math, history and language.

Accompanied by a cast of wacky characters, youngsters zip back in time to explore prehistoric worlds and learn about extinct creatures from the Cretaceous, Pleistocene and Jurassic periods. The CD provides them with a hands-on look at the tools, terminology and techniques of real-world paleontologists.

The animated characters guide players into the fossil hunting base camp of Dr. Rock Hound, resident expert, resource and referee during the adventures. Youngsters select one of six different locations around the world where they then help Dr. Rock discover missing dinosaur bones needed to complete a museum display.

Once all the bones are recovered and cleaned, itís off to the Bone Build activity where kids assemble their dinosaur. And, in the Activity Center, children can pick from a variety of educational games, each with different skill levels. Cloud 9 Interactive, Los Angeles, CA, (888) ON-CLOUD9, WM

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.