Reference & Review Tools Help in Science

Cogito Learning Media has expanded its Knowledge Now in Experimental Biology video series, adding Working With Proteins, the second six-tape program available. Each videotape is accompanied by a reproducible booklet containing background protocols and pointers to Web sites.

Working With Proteins presents six 20-minute episodes for undergraduate biology and chemistry students. Through high-quality animations and photography, educators from M.I.T., Brandeis, UC Berkeley and other institutions demonstrate protein laboratory techniques. These techniques include cell lysis, column chromatography, electrophoresis, analytic ultracentrifugation and more.

Cogito has also released Six Experimental Organisms: A Multimedia Survey, an interactive reference tool that surveys six of the most important model organisms used in biological and biomedical research labs: mouse, fly, flowering plant, nematode worm, bacteriophage lambda and yeast.

The CD features over 50 minutes of full-motion video, interactive art and animations, over 400 photographs and diagrams on genetic and developmental principles, hyperlinks to related content, and much more. Cogito Learning Media, Inc., New York, NY, (800) 938-4465, WM

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.