Authoring SW Adds Internet, More Video

 An update to Mindscapeís education-suited multimedia authoring tool, mPower v2.7, adds new features that make it more powerful while still offering its ìATM bank machine-likeî user interface.

The new version now provides an Internet link, letting students preparing for a presentation access content sources on the Web. In addition, it includes a scroll text option with hyperlinks that can be assigned by the author, plus more powerful video-editing capabilities.

Over 300MB of royalty-free sounds are included, as are 64 backgrounds. Or digitize oneís own sounds and create custom backgrounds from any digitized graphic or video frame.
Designed for grades 4-12, mPower lends push-button simplicity to adding text, graphics, video and more to presentations. It complements Mindscapeís Interactive Encyclopedia Series and Expert Reference products, which feature hundreds of royalty-free maps, charts and graphics that download easily into mPower presentations. Mindscape, Inc., Novato, CA, (800) 231-3088, M

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.