Conduct Intricate Experiments Onscreen

Simulations Plus has released three titles of its new FutureLab series of simulation software designed for middle and high school physical science classes.

The titles ó GravityLab, OpticsLab and Series/Parallel Circuits Lab ó all feature real-time simulations in a photorealistic environment that lets students conduct an infinite variety of experiments. Included are structured laboratory exercises, built-in data sheets and lab questions, and printable lab report forms.

All FutureLab simulations also feature an optional switch interface that lets disabled students participate in experiments in which they would otherwise be left out.

The unique free-form environment suits exploration and variations on experiments. Students can set up experiments any way they like, and see video of people conducting the same experiments with real equipment.

FutureLab simulations are priced at $99 per lab, and lab packs of five CDs are available. Toll-free technical support is also included. Simulations Plus, Inc., Palmdale, CA, (888) 266-9294, W

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.