Converter Supplies Fiber Optic Benefits

The Onan Model 8750 media converter allows fiber optic cables to be used on hubs, concentrators and repeaters with 10BASE-T connections. It was designed specifically for sites that have hubs or concentrators in a wiring closet and want to expand, upgrade or experiment with fiber optic applications on an existing network.

Used with 10BASE-T UTP connections, the unit provides all the reliability and benefits of fiber optic cabling on an existing copper Ethernet network. It can operate at either end of the segment ó near the hub or concentrator, or at the workstation end.

This IEEE 802.3 Ethernet media converter provides benefits such as drops up to two kilometers long, more reliable data transfer, and compatibility with future high-speed data transfer rates. Onan Corp., Minneapolis, MN, (888) ONAN-CORP,

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.