Search Thousands Of Digital Images

The Creative Freedom CD and new CD-sized print catalog are designed to work together to bridge the gap between print catalogs and digital images. Westlightís creative package features a number of breakthrough innovations for art directors, graphic designers and other graphic professionals.

For instance, the Creative Freedom CD is unique in its search depth capabilities. Enter ideas, thoughts and topics and it brings up images representing those criteria. One can also enlarge, re-size and crop images instantly.

The CD features thousands of professional images, two search languages, no watermarks, the ability to save files in TIFF, EPG and PICT, 320-page ìInfo Resourceî on disc, customized slide show option, and free phone support for customers.Westlight, Los Angeles, CA, (800) ART-BUYER. M

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.