Power Protection

Tripp Lite manufactures a wide range of power protection solutions for PCs, fileservers, A/V equipment and more. The Internet Office UPS uninterruptible power supply system includes six outlets, three of which are backup protected. Outlets are widely spaced to accommodate multiple transformer blocks. This UPS preserves online connections through a power disturbance, preventing interruptions to e-mail downloads and other important file transfers. Another product, the SMP AC and Telephone Surge Suppressor offers three RJ11 phone jacks to protect both a notebook computer and fax/modem from line noise and surges. Tripp Lite, Chicago, IL, (312) 755-5400, tripplite.com.

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Compaq recently introduced UPS systems targeted at entry-level and mid-range servers and workstations. Both the Tower 700 VA UPS and the Rack Mountable 1500 VA UPS ship with Compaq Power Management Software, which can perform diagnostic checks and prioritized shutdowns as well as pre-configure scheduled startups. To extend battery run-time for mission-critical equipment, Compaq also offers two UPS option cards. The Multi-Server UPS Card enables a single UPS to support up to three servers via their serial communication ports. With the Scalable UPS Card, multiple UPS systems work together as one "virtual UPS." Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX, (800) OK-COMPAQ, www.compaq.com.

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From Aspen Electronics comes a 60-watt AC adapter tailored for video and lighting applications. The PSM-160 is compatible with all Sony, JVC and Panasonic 12-volt cameras. This 1.5-pound cube can be attached to the back of a camera during videotaping. Internal Over Voltage Protection is set at 18VDC, and the adapter shuts down in the event of a short. Aspen Electronics, Huntington Beach, CA, (714) 379-2515.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.