Telecommunications Planning Checklist

Telecommunications Planning Checklist 1) What telecommunications service do you now have? Telephone E-mail World Wide Web TV Cable 2) What telecommunications equipment will you need? Routers Hubs Network File Servers Wireless LANs Installation Services Maintenance Services 3) What hardware equipment do you now have? Phones Computers TV Monitors Satellite Downlink 4) How many classrooms do you want to wire for computers in the next 12 months? This includes wiring for phone lines so the computers can make e-mail and Web connections. Contiguous rooms Rooms on different floors but vertically "adjacent" Rooms spread out on campus How many computers will you be able to afford to put into those classrooms during that time? 10 20 30 40 50 Do you know the amount of Universal Service Fund discount you will qualify for at your school or within your school district? Yes No Do you know where to obtain an application for applying for a discount? Yes No Do you know where you submit the application for the discount? Yes No Is the same person who is in charge of buying computer hardware also the person who can help you apply for the Universal Service Fund discount? Yes No Have you held meetings with your teachers to learn what they believe their telecommunications needs will be over the next few years? Yes No Would you consider opening the school to your community for after-hours use of its computers and their telecommunications capabilities? Yes No What are your telecommunications and new equipment priorities? How will the technology you acquire help the school and its students meet the educational performance standards set for students and schools by your state?

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.