Instantly Publish Documents With jDoc Java Technology

Net-It Now! Version 1.6 lets users publish desktop documents to intranets or Web sites for immediate viewing through standard Web browsers, without requiring any special plug-ins.

One simply creates documents in their existing desktop applications, then "prints" them to Net-It Now!, which posts exact replicas of the documents on the intranet.

Using Net-It Software's jDoc technology--a "document delivery container" that allows instant access to documents, as well as easy navigation within a document and across entire document repositories--users are now able to print from the Java engines embedded in Netscape and Microsoft Web browsers.

In addition, one can organize and link collections of documents, enhance documents with hyperlinks and other effects, and more. Built-in support for FTP and Marimba Castanet make it easy to keep others up-to-date with the latest documents.

Net-It Now! 1.6 is a free upgrade to all registered customers of the first version. A free evaluation version is available at Net-It Software Corp., San Francisco, CA, (888) NET-IT44.

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.