MOREnet Chooses Grolier Reference Collection

After a competitive search for a "high-end, general-purpose online encyclopedia," the Missouri Research and Educational Network, or MOREnet, chose the Grolier Online Reference Collection. Among MOREnet's members are 525 public school districts, 150 public library districts and 47 higher education institutions.

The Grolier Online Reference Collection provides access to two authoritative encyclopedias -- the Encyclopedia Americana and the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia -- specially configured and supplemented for publication on the Web.

The Encyclopedia Americana contains approximately 45,000 articles contributed by 6,500 specialists in their respective disciplines. The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia complements its 35,000 entries with photos, art, maps and sounds. It was created for students at the upper-elementary level and above. Grolier Educational, Danbury, CT, (203) 797-3500,

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.