Short Takes

Macromedia has opened the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Zone, a Web site featuring tips, tricks and techniques for creating Web-based multimedia with DHTML. It also highlights examples of close integration of Shockwave Director and Shockwave Flash with DHTML, and includes discussion groups, a library of articles on DHTML and more.

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Tandberg and VideoServer have teamed up to distribute VideoServer's line of Multimedia Conference Servers (MCSs) worldwide, with Tandberg offering first-line support. As a result of both firm's partnering, they recently demonstrated the H.263 video standard, which offers a 50% better picture than H.261. For more information, visit

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American Research Group has added UNIX and NT Network Integration to its networking course curriculum. The three-day, instructor-led course teaches students how to connect and cooperatively manage Windows NT and UNIX, offering hands-on exercises providing real-world experience. For times and locations call (919) 461-8600.

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Asanté, provider of high-performance intranetworking solutions, has reduced pricing on many of its Fast Ethernet hubs and network interface cards. For example, prices have been cut up to 25% on the Asanté Fast 100 TX and TX/FX stackable hubs, 10/100 bridge and 10/100 PCI and NuBus cards. For more detailed pricing information, call (800) 662-9686.

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IBM has recently announced projects with the Library of Congress and Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library; with both of those institutions implementing IBM's Digital Library technology to preserve priceless treasures of art and scholarship while protecting ownership rights. Additionally, IBM is integrating its digital watermarking technology (useful for documents published on the Web)into Adobe Photoshop via a new plug-in, Visible Watermarking.

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Amid the confusion about the new 56K technology for modems, support for U.S. Robotics' x2 gains ground rapidly. As of August, over 817 ISPs worldwide offered x2 access to their customers, with over 400 more scheduled for x2 deployment. Whatever 56K standard is decided on by the ITU, 3Com has guaranteed a free upgrade for U.S. Robotics modems.

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JEC College Connection makes educational opportunities available to adult learners anytime, anywhere. The program connects students to courses and degree programs from recognized (meaning work is accredited) universities and colleges, enabling these learners to earn degrees through distance learning. For a course catalog and more detailed information, call (800) 777-MIND

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.