Filter, Share, Conserve And Distribute Web Resources

JDL Technologies has released a secure caching proxy server software solution that provides safe, cost-effective Internet access for K-12 students and teachers, K-12WORLD CyberLibrary.

K-12WORLD CyberLibrary addresses bandwidth conservation, group sharing, content filtering, information retrieval, network security and distributed resources, providing proper management of inbound and outbound Web resources. Utilizing intelligent caching, it preserves bandwidth and avoids redundant Web page downloading.

The software allows network users to save, organize and share Web pages, and permits secure searching of archive resources. Archived files may be marked for access by certain groups only, and URL filtering options abound. Additionally, K-12 CyberLibrary can track users by name and password, as well as by workstation, helping students and teachers stay focused on curriculum goals. Certain time slots for access can also be defined, letting specific groups access the Internet only when allowed.

K-12 CyberLibrary includes the ability to import information collected into various presentation formats, as well as publish content-specific Web pages. All popular Web browsers are supported. JDL Technologies, Edina, MN, (612) 946-1810,

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.