Popular Terminal Emulator Now Supports Java

Pericom Software has released a new version of the teemworld suite of advanced terminal emulators. This newest version is significant in its ability to fully support Java 1.1. "With our new version, teemworld can now connect any Java-enabled desktop to virtually any host system, making it a key element in linking existing and emerging technologies and allowing organizations to extend the usefulness of their legacy systems for continued return on investment," said John Stephenson, managing director at Pericom.

A Java applet, teemworld enables access of any host-based legacy application from any desktop client supporting Java, either through a Web browser or as an application with any Java Virtual Machine. It also includes a full set of productivity tools including floating toolbar, button palettes, graphical keyboard remapping, attribute-to-color mapping, mouse integration and multiple session control.

By configuring teemworld as a "Trusted" applet through code signing, users running a browser can connect to other host systems in addition to the server where the applet was loaded. This lets the central server share the applet and allows the user to access all corporate mainframes.

This latest version of teemworld also provides for local printing and copy-and-paste between different Java applications. In addition to connectivity with Digital, IBM 3270 and 5250 systems, the new version now emulates Tandem 6526/6530; Wyse 50,50+ and 60; TVI 925; Hazeltine; Adds; IBM 3151; ICL 7561; HP 700/92; and Data General SCO UNIX consoles. Other emulations are planned for subsequent release.

All the emulators can connect to host systems configured with TCP/IP or via gateways to other protocols such as IBM's SNA and ICL's OSI transports. Finally, a script/macro language has been incorporated, enabling users and systems managers to write script programs to automate frequent tasks and integrate the terminal emulation environment more closely into applications. A teemworld license starts at $179, with discounts available for quantity purchases. Pericom Software, Inc., Hamilton Square, NJ, (609) 588-5300, www.pericom-usa.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.