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According to a recent survey of college and university admissions officers by Austin Knight, 99% of colleges have or are in the process of building a Web site and 60% of admissions officers already consider the Internet to be a major recruitment tool for prospective students. For more information on The Admissions Marketing Internet Survey, call (617) 371-4106.

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Lucent Technologies recently announced price reductions on key components of its WaveLAN family of products. For example, the WaveLAN/PCMCIA card for mobile computers has been cut $200 and the WaveLAN/AT card for desktop computers dropped $150. In addition to the price reductions, Lucent is now offering a three-year limited warranty for its internal WaveLAN Network Interface Cards (NICs) and External Antenna Modules (EAMs) that are being used in a wireless local area network (WLAN). (800) WAVELAN

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Training the next generation of Internet users, APTE, Inc. has released a new Internet Coach CD-ROM, Liftoff to Lizard Island. Aimed at ages 5-8, this interactive adventure walks players through the Internet, teaching them to browse, search and send e-mail. Concepts such as Web page design are also introduced to young minds. Liftoff to Lizard Island is available for just under $40. (800) 494-1112

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GreenTree Technologies offers Update AnyWare, a Web-based utility designed to keep your PC applications up-to-date. For an annual subscription fee of $40, Windows users get painless updates and patches for all programs, simply by logging onto (800) 257-7708

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Hezel Associates, a research and planning firm specializing in distance learning, has released a financial planning spreadsheet for distance learning cost evaluation and planning. The software can be helpful in the planning or assessment phase to determine the potential for income and revenue from a distance learning initiative. Available for Windows and Macintosh, the spreadsheet requires no financial management background, taking users through various scenarios. (800) 466-3512

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The next time you're on the Web, check out This Web site is a handy reference tool for those needing information on technical terminology. Sections include Tips, How the Internet Works, New Technology, Cyberculture, Writing HTML, Graphic Design, Software & Hardware, Word of the Day and more. Thanks to Elizabeth Kern for pointing this one out.

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The ISO 9000 Support Group is now offering free online training to quality assurance professionals. Available at the group's Web page,, present courses include topics such as procedure writing and pursuing continuous improvement. Future topics include time and project management and leadership skills. For more information, contact the group at (616) 891-9114.

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NetSupport School, from NetConnect, Inc., utilizes a school's existing network to provide software-based training. The software lets instructors control a classroom's computers, showing procedures and techniques on students' screens. It also provides for interactive chat between instructor and students. NetSupport School comes on one diskette, and requires no extra cabling or additional hardware. (905) 475-5100

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New B3 software, from Tandberg, enhances the Vision 2000 videoconferencing product line, enabling those products to support both ISDN and external networks. The upgrade features Intelligent Call Management, H.263 video compression and T.120 data conferencing. B3 supports English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish. (514) 748-5229

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.