DiscPortVT is Microtest's affordable, platform-independent CD- and DVD-ROM thin server for sharing information and creating CDs. Any data that can be stored on CD/DVD-ROM can be accessed by multiple users, making it an ideal solution for managing huge amounts of research material provided on CD-ROM. Any organization with a need to share presentations, training or any variety of information and software applications will recognize DiscPortVT's time-saving convenience.

The unit's powerful CD image creation software gives users the ability to cache CD-and DVD-ROMs to a hard drive for increased application speed and performance. CDs and DVDs in locally attached drives can be "imaged" automatically on DiscPortVT. The caching process is as simple as creating an image of a CD's or DVD's contents on the internal or attached hard drive. Once the CD is cached, it can be removed. Data and applications can be run directly off the hard drive and immediately accessed by concurrent users.

Also featured is an easy-to-use, fully networked publishing solution for sharing information and applications. Simply attach a supported CD recorder, select the files needed, and record a CD for secure, portable access to critical information. While the unit weighs less than five pounds and takes up about as much space as a standard dictionary, it is packed full of features designed to simplify installation, administration and CD publishing. Microtest, Ph'enix, AZ, (602) 952-6400, www.microtest.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.