Search Online Scholarship Database For Free

CollegeNET announced their open architecture scholarships database, Mach25 ( Profiling over $1.6 billion in awards, Mach25 lets any user freely, immediately and openly peruse the entire database. In the past, scholarship searching on the Web required lengthy sign-up protocols and elaborate disclosures of personal information. The vast majority of awards remained out of view and personal information was almost always inventoried for sale or brokering by the site sponsor.

Mach25 requires no sign-up registration process or password access. The user can immediately hit "search" and obtain a full listing of the database, or apply filters and sorts to narrow down the results. The logical structure of the database is openly displayed as a grid of categories that allow open browsing of the scholarships. The search is fast and collects no personal identifiers, making it unable to associate personal information with a user's identity. CollegeNET, Portland, OR, (503) 973-5200,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.