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Macromedia's Director 7 K-12 and Web Design 101 Spring '99 Edition helps students and educators build communication, technology and collaborative skills. Director 7 K-12 is designed to bring rich multimedia into the classroom, letting teachers and students turn text, graphics, sound, animation and video into compact interactive multimedia content for the Web. For information on Director 7 K-12, call at (800) 248-9171. The Web Design 101 Spring '99 Edition offers components to teach students how to build interactive Web sites and palates. To order Web Design, call Macromedia direct at (800) 457-1774 or visit

Retaining a stronghold once again as a major PC desktop provider, Premio Computer, Inc., ranked number five for the third consecutive quarter. The statistics were compiled through the International Data Corporation market research for first quarter 1999. Manufacturing PC desktops, workstations and servers, Premio owes 75 percent of its sales to the K-12 market. Visit


The correct contact information for Academic Systems (T.H.E. Journal, 6-99, Applications, p. 78) is as follows:

Academic Systems,

444 Castro St., Suite 1200,

Mountain View, Calif., 94041,

(800) 694-6850,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.