Cable in the Classroom Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Cable in the Classroom is commemorating its tenth anniversary of providing schools nationwide with free cable service and access to over 500 hours each month of quality, commercial-free, educational programming. Formed in conjunction with teachers and education groups in 1989, this consortium of cable programmers and operators began with the intention to use the industry's strengths to give back to communities by donating programs and technical services to the nation's schools.

Member cable networks, such as the History Channel, Weather Channel, CNBC and BET, set aside a portion of their on-air schedule to broadcast commercial-free programming on subjects as varied as science, art history, math, literature and world events. Cable in the Classroom also has a long history of training teachers on how to integrate educational cable programming into the curriculum. Some programming is created specifically for a Cable in the Classroom offering, while other programs are pre-existing "teacher friendly" shows. Since the programs are copyright-cleared for at least a year, schools can build their own video libraries.

Since its inception, the organization has helped train approximately 7,500 teachers per year in workshops that demonstrate strategies for teaching with technology. The new Cable in the Classroom Professional Development Institute adds to this commitment by helping to train teachers about basic Internet use and curriculum integration as well as advanced Internet training.


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This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.