Print Labels from the Palm of Your Hand

For schools installing cable or fiber optics, Panduit offers the Pan-Quik LS3E hand-held printer along with a full complement of new markers and labels for electrical applications. It creates crisp, clear legends to identify wires, cables, bundles, components, bins, assets and terminal blocks. Along with the printer itself, Panduit offers a wide range of labels for all kinds of different needs and situations.

For large cables or bundles, there are Self-Laminating Cable Marker Holders. These feature clear overlaminate protection and can be used as wrap-around or flag markers. Wire Marker Strips eliminate the carrying costs, shelf life and inventory concerns of preprinted marker cards. They are perforated for use as full-size or half-size markers in wrap-around or flag style. New Right-to-Know labels help to meet OSHA Right-to-Know labeling needs quickly and easily. Clear Overlaminate Labels provide added abrasion and chemical resistance.

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This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.