Products - Polaroid Corp.

The newest addition to the Polaroid SprintScan line is the high-resolution SprintScan 45i scanner. It scans 35mm slides, up to 6x7-inch transparencies, and mounted and unmounted negatives and positives. In about five minutes SprintScan 45i delivers high-resolution scans to produce files up to 240MB.

This multi-format scanner is bundled with Polaroid PolaColor Insight Pro software that features dust and scratch removal to eliminate any slide or transparency surface flaws from the scanned image. Also included is PhotoPerfect Master software, which provides color separations, color correction, adaptive image sharpening and RGB to CYMK conversion. Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, MA, (800) 816-2611,


This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.