Take Control of Students' Attention

SMART Technologies has released SynchronEyes, a classroom instruction and computer control software that easily installs onto a TCP/IP network. From a single location, a teacher can monitor and control student computers, deliver software demonstrations to individual computers and focus student attention on lessons.

The product's monitor feature provides a thumbnail view of each student's screen on the teacher's computer, allowing the teacher to oversee student progress from his or her own desktop. For a close look at the student's screen, the teacher can click on a student's thumbnail image for a full-screen view. The instructor can even take control of the student's mouse and keyboard to assist him or her with their work.

A Lock feature blanks all students' screens and disables their mice and keyboards in order to focus attention to the front of the class. Students are also able to take an active role in the lesson by presenting material to the class from their own desktops. Lessons can be broadcast to each desktop from the teacher's computer or any desktop. SynchronEyes works with a high-speed TCP/IP network to connect student computers to the instructor's computer.

SMART Technologies
Calgary, Canada
(403) 228-8559

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.