Maximize Internet Communications

MAX Internet Communications’ MAX i.c. Live Internet Media Processor technology delivers true motion, synchronized one-way and two-way video/audio communications over broadband Internet connections. The card also has video features such as DVD and AC-3 Surround Sound and is ideal for use in distance learning, Webcasting, Internet streaming, video archiving and editing.

The MAC i.c. Live operating system works seamlessly with Windows 95/98. A DSL, T-1 or cable modem broadband Internet connection is recommended. With true motion video conferencing or full motion video, streaming over the Internet at frame rates of up to 30 fps is possible. It also has video and audio record, edit and playback, as well as MPEG-1 and DVD play capabilities with output to NTSC-TV or a monitor.

Utilizing VLIW Supercomputer technology, the product features an on-board high-speed processor dedicated to video functions. An internal bus running at 600MB/second significantly reduces system bus overload. All functions run as software modules on the i.c. Live media processor, and no functions are performed by fixed function chips. When installed, it eliminates the need for many fixed function cards including: VGA cards, video capture cards, DVD decoder cards, sound cards, scan converters, and MPEG cards. MAX Internet Communications, Inc., Dallas, TX, (800) 749-7146,


This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.