Not Your "Old School" Copier

Discovering ways to accomplish more for less is a goal born of necessity at most public schools. With the advancement of digital duplicating technology, schools nationwide are replacing or augmenting photocopying with digital duplicating. The result is the ability to generate a greater volume of more creative, professional-looking materials at a fraction of the cost.

Duplicating the Benefits

Trying to purchase more for their money, school superintendents evaluate all equipment in the market before making their final decision. Carlisle Public School in Carlisle, Arkansas has two Duplo digital duplicators installed in their elementary and high school. "We are saving money utilizing the digital duplicators," says Dr. Ron Wilson, superintendent of Carlisle Public School. The factors that influenced his decision to go with Duplo’s DP-31S Digital Duplicator were quality, cost and durability.

Copier supplies are quite costly when compared to those of duplicators. While duplicators use ink and master, copiers use toner. The yield of a toner is much shorter than that of a box of ink for duplicators. In schools, as elsewhere, time is money. And digital duplicators can print from speeds up to 120 copies per minute while copiers only print up to 40 copies per minute. "Duplo Digital Duplicators are used for all printing needs except when needing small numbers of copies. Copiers are used less often since their cost [per copy] is greater than the duplicator," says Wilson.

Since Carlisle Public School had their first digital duplicator installed, they have noticed a great difference in the efficiency of printing jobs. Printing over 120,000 copies per month — approximately 4,000 copies per day — Carlisle Public Schools use the Duplo unit for student handouts, tests and daily staff memos. Taking advantage of the spot coloring capability of digital duplicators, the football programs are enhanced with splashes of color to highlight the name of the school, the players, the coach and everyone behind the scenes.

Teachers, teacher assistants and secretaries also utilize the digital duplicators. The Duplo DP-31S offers 15 standard colors and unlimited custom colors to satisfy the palette of a teacher’s imagination. User-friendly operations allow any operator to quickly produce high quality documents in no time.

Making Schools Happy

Digital Duplicators
have been in the school markets since the early eighties. However, photocopiers have traditionally been used throughout the majority of all schools within the United States for copy jobs of all sizes. Digital Duplicators have started to change the way school administration makes copies. Jobs that require 20 copies or less per original are well suited for copy machines. All jobs that require more than that number are automatically made on the Duplo digital duplicator at Carlisle Public School. And they seem to be quite happy with the results.

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.