Bringing Fiber to the Classroom

Affording teachers and students high-speed access to applications and educational resources across an entire district area, Fiberworks’ E-MAN (the Educational Metropolitan Area Network) is a Gigabit-over-fiber network that connects schools and administration buildings. Because of its unique “fiber-to-the-classroom” design, it is an economical alternative to copper-based networks.


The solution reduces or eliminates monthly costs associated with leased phone lines. The installation of a fiber optic infrastructure will pay for itself in about three years and will fully support high-bandwidth applications in the future. Schools can enjoy the benefits of voice-over-IP, distance learning, video on demand, the Internet and e-mail, as well as any additional needs that arise, without expensive bandwidth upgrades or re-cabling. The ultra-reliable fiber-based network also decreases downtime and decreases network maintenance costs. Fiberworks, Inc., Atlanta, GA, (770) 513-0060,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.