Hands On - Eliminate Lengthy Image Transfer Times with CameraMate

##AUTHORSPLIT##<--->Microtech’s USB CameraMate is a surprisingly useful product for educators who implement digital cameras in their curriculum. Instead of waiting what usually seems like an agonizingly long time to download images to your computer, simply pop your film media (CompactFlash+ Type II cards, 3.3v and 5v SmartMedia cards up to 128MB, IBM Microdrive) into the CameraMate. The unit essentially works like an additional “drive” attached to your computer (Mac OS 8.5+ or Windows 98+) via a USB port.


After popping in a film card or drive, you can access images and copy them over to your hard disk or other storage medium for manipulation in a graphics program or other application. Copy times and transferal rates are very fast.


Every time we used the CameraMate, we were surprised at how fast we could access and copy images. Although we only accessed images taken with our Epson digital camera, you can access any data stored on SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards, including the new digital music formats. One of the USB CameraMate’s best features is its price: only $89.


William Willis

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Contact Information

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This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.