TASCAM 414 Portastudio

As part of a treatment that seeks to help children and adults overcome serious cognitive and learning disorders, the Institute for Learning Abilities (ILA) has incorporated more than 30 TASCAM 414 Portastudio 4-track recorder/players into a program that furthers the process of retraining and strengthening weak neurological connections. The TASCAM 414 can be used to acoustically diagnose and treat patients, evaluating all frequencies and parameters of listening and attention.


The 414 has a 4-track simultaneous record capability, four full-function input channels, Mic/Line input capability, variable input trim control, and High and Low EQ on each channel. It also provides two effects sends per channel, two stereo effects returns, discrete sync output for time code applications, separate L/R monitor and main outputs, and a 60 mm long throw master fader. TASCAM, Montebello, CA, (323) 726-0303, www.tascam.com.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.