Learning-Link is a unit designed specifically for classrooms and training environments where any PC application can be broadcast to 36 stations. Learning-Link connects to the instructor’s CPU via adapter cables and easily interfaces to PC audio cards. A single daisy-chained cable that connects all computers completes installation.


Learning-Link supports conversational audio signals so that students and teachers can converse. Multimedia presentations can be shared among students, the teacher, or a projector with a public address system. Instructors have the option of sharing the information presented on their PC with the entire class; they may choose to view a particular student station or show a student’s screen to the whole class. Teachers may manipulate a student’s keyboard and mouse from their desktop, and when a student is ready to work on his or her own, the teacher can enable them to do so. For added security, teachers may also program restrictions to the system. Magenta Research, Brookfield, CT, (203) 740-0592, www.magenta-research.com.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.