Taking Wireless Presentations Further

Wireless Computing’s KVM-500 Console Extender System allows access to computer systems from remote keyboard/monitor/mouse console products, including the company’s own Wireless SurfBoard and Wireless SurfMouse products, at distances of up to 500’. This gives new freedom to instructors presenting in lecture halls and other large environments.

Rather than using the old way to extend keyboard, video and mouse, which was to use extra-thick cables, this new generation of extenders uses CAT5 copper wiring, which is thinner, cheaper and often already installed in the building. The KVM-500 provides an ideal means to access a remote system box, simply by extending the reach to a wireless receiver by keeping it within 50’ of the wireless keyboard and/or mouse. Its capabilities are extended remotely, through the CAT5 network or building wiring. Wireless Computing, Inc., Austin, TX, (512) 858-4400, www.wireless-computing.com.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.