A Space Odyssey in 2001

Students in grades 4 through 6 will have the opportunity tocreate solutions to real space exploration challenges through the fifth annual Space Day. Space Day, which will beobserved on May 3, 2001, celebrates the achievements and opportunities of spaceexploration. The celebration encourages people of all ages to advance science,math and technology education. Its Design Challenges encourage students tocreate solutions to the obstacles encountered by people living and working inspace.

The Design Challenges require students to think likescientists, with objectives such as the creation of a mechanical device for useduring space walks, and the development of emergency procedures for astronauts.The challenges aim to engage students’ creative problem-solving, criticalthinking, and teamwork skills. Students work in teams, and can interact onlinewith other student teams across the continent. The challenges are aligned withthe national standards for math, science and technology education. Registrationof student teams, an overview of Design Challenges and collaborative tools, anda calendar of events are all currently availableonline. Space Day, Washington,D.C., www.spaceday.com.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.