Report Highlights Benefits of Technology in Education

The Software & Information Industry Association hasreleased the 2000 Report on theEffectiveness of Technology in Schools, a 135-page report highlighting theresults of more than 300 recent surveys on education technology fromprofessional journals, doctoral dissertations and other qualified sources. Thereport suggests that education technology has increased student achievement,enhanced students’ self-concept and attitudes about learning, and improvedinteraction between educators and students in the learning environment. It alsooutlines the challenges involved with technology integration and training inthe educational environment. The report highlights the usefulness of technologyto students in collaborative learning situations and students with specialneeds.

According to the report, variables that influence theeffectiveness of education technology include attributes of the studentpopulation, software design, the educator’s role, student grouping, educatortraining and the level of student access to technology. The leading variable iseducator training, as students of teachers with more than 10 hours of trainingsignificantly out-performed students of teachers with five or fewer traininghours. For a copy of the report calling (202)452-1600, ext. 360. Software & Information Industry Association, Washington, D.C., (202) 452-1600,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.