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Platform: Macintosh or

Windows CD-ROM


Price: Lab Pack of 10: $89.95

School Pack: $599.95


I thoroughly enjoyed using the Make-a-Map 3D software from Sunburst.The program addresses several of the areas of the second grade social studiescurriculum for which we are responsible in Sarasota County, Florida.

As soon as my second grade students began to explore themap-making software, their body language began to tell the story. The softwareshifted smoothly into each area of the tutorial. I found the onscreeninstructions to be well organized, self-explanatory and easily understood.

The first area to explore with my students was the Visitor’sCenter. Students were able to maneuver through it quite easily. This was agreat way to learn about maps, parts of maps and map keys. Simple directionsand a driver’s test were fun for all.

The next area we explored was the Fun Center. My studentsloved turning and driving on the streets. They liked Street Missions but were a little frustrated when it came tohigher levels of directions.

Making Directions challenged them. Idid not get to see the children in action with this part of the software, but Idid see it in their written commentary on the program.

The above activities were the only areas of Make-a-Map 3Dthat I was actually able to implement with students. Make-a-Map 3D was easilypresented to them using my Macintosh and my Compaq computer, which wasconnected through an adapter to the 27-inch television in my classroom. First,I presented Make-a-Map 3D as a whole-group instruction. Next, students workedindependently on Make-a-Map 3D with very little help from me. My students didnot have as much time to work with and explore Make-a-Map 3D as I had hoped.

I loved the icons, tutorials, ease ofinstructions for children, and the overall simplicity of this product. Asseveral of my students said, “I liked everything about this. I wish that I hadthis program at home!”






Diane McCoy

Second Grade Teacher

Ashton Elementary School

[email protected]

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.