Printers and Copiers

The new KodakPersonal Picture Maker 200 by Lexmark is an inkjet printer that d'es notrequire a computer to print photographs. It includes a full-color screen thatlets users preview images before printing, as well as three new ink cartridges.The 1.8” full-color LCD preview screen requires only a memory card from adigital camera to print. Users can scroll through all the images on the memorycard, select those to print, choose the number of copies, and determine theirsize and layout. A variety of printing templates are available.


The Picture Maker 200’s prints are comparable to traditionalphotographs in appearance. The printer’s magenta dye and a unique ink formationin the ink cartridges were optimized for Kodak Premium Picture Paper, andresult in long-lasting, vibrant prints. Although the printer can function as astand-alone, it can also serve as a standard computer printer for all printingneeds, and is connectable via a USB port. Kodak, Rochester, NY,


Hewlett-Packard has released a new line of ink jet printers,all of which feature photographic image quality. Its most affordable option,the HP DeskJet 640/648C, featuresvibrant color output, crisp black text, and an option for photo-quality capability.It produces letters, schoolwork and individual projects on any paper, and prints up to 6 pages per minute (ppm)for black text and 3 ppm for color. A dual print cartridge system means thatusers can print in black and in color without switching cartridges. HP’sColorSmart III technology automatically selects the optimal color or grayscaletone for smooth skin tones and solid backgrounds. HP SmartFocus sharpensdetails in low-resolution images by synthesizing a higher-resolution image. Theprinter fits both parallel and USB ports, and includes handout andposter-printing features for special projects. Hewlett-Packard, PaloAlto, CA, (800) 552-8500,


For schools that require printingfrom a network, the Epson Stylus Color980N combines high-speed, high-quality output features with advancednetworking features. The printer offers 2,880 dpi resolution, with athree-picoliter drop size. In its default normal mode, the printer delivers upto 13 ppm. Users can also print color Microsoft PowerPoint pages in as littleas 15 seconds, and high-resolution 8”x10” photos in approximately 78 seconds.Designed to meet the demands of a busy environment, the printer can handle a5,000 pages-per-month duty cycle.


The printer offers a built-in 10/100 Mbit print server inaddition to full multi-protocol support of networks such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX,AppleTalk and NetBEUI. The Stylus Color 980N also includes network printermanagement software for simple management of all printers on the network, andsupports all printers that contain an MIB. It is compatible with both Windowsand Macintosh platforms, and has both USB and parallel connectivity. EpsonAmerica Inc., Long Beach, CA,(800) GO-EPSON,


Also forschools with high-volume printing needs, Danka’s Heidelberg Digimaster 9110 Network Imaging System prints 110 ppm.The printer combines high image quality with advanced paper handling features,and was designed for quick print, in-plant and distributed print productsmarkets. Formerly known as the Kodak DigiSource, the Digimaster 9110 providesboth scanning and electronic printing capabilities. Its open architectureallows for the support of several user platforms, including Windows, Macintoshand UNIX. The unit can also accept browser-based job submissions from the Web,so teachers and students can submit print jobs from desktops anywhere in theworld.


Users can also select specific features such as paper type,duplexing and finishing options such as book making,stapling, saddle-stitching and binding. At 11.5 microns, the unit’stoner particle size provides sharp detail. Self-maintenance features areanother attribute of the 9110. It makes periodic checks and automaticallyrecalibrates, giving documents consistent image quality, even during heavy printruns. The basic model can accommodate 4,000 sheets of paper, and the fullyconfigured unit can hold 8,000. Covers, tabs, inserts and other types of papercan be programmed and inserted online.


Also available is Danka’s C2000 color copier-printer, designed for institutions withhigh-volume, professional-quality copying needs. It delivers 400 x 400 dpiimage quality, with 256 gradations of color. A 5,250 sheet paper supply andautomatic cassette switching minimize operator intervention, while automatic duplexingand a recirculating document feeder handle duplex copying from one- ortwo-sided originals. Report covers can be printed on 110-lb. stock and integratedwith black and white or spot-color documents produced on other devices. Thedevice is intended for monthly volumes of 10,000 to 100,000 pages. DankaBusiness Systems, St. Petersburg,FL, (800)OK-DANKA,


RISO, Inc. has introduced the FR3950 Risograph. The new unit features improved image processing,a sleek console design, and a user-friendly operation panel. It offers fast,economical and colorful printing, with the ability to print in a variety ofsizes up to 11”x17”. The FR3950 features an image processing system, new in theFR series, that improves print quality. It can be connected to a Windows orMacintosh computer, or directly to anetwork. Productivity-enhancing accessories for the unit include systemcontrollers, a high-capacity sorter, a variable-information addressingunit, a sequential numbering system, and a device to slit, score, perforate andnumber pages.


Features included in the unit are a programmablepreventative maintenance schedule with reminders,an auto power off feature, minimum print quantity settings to ensure maximumefficiency, and a multi-up function to allow the printing of 2, 4, 8 or 16images on a page. The system blends the technologies of digital scanning,electronics, and high-speed printing to allow documents to be printed with 18different spot colors, at speeds of up to 120 copies per minute. Risographsconsume 98% less electricity than photocopying machines, and easily handlediverse paper stocks. RISO, Inc., Danvers, MA, (978) 777-7377,


The latest digital system from Kyocera Mita America, Inc.,the Vi7360 Digital Copier/Printer, offers73 copies per minute, standard unlimited stackless duplexing, finishing andsaddle-stitching with all-position stapling. Its cover, insert and chaptercapabilities enable users to create professional documents. Some of its digitalcapabilities include image rotation, booklet mode, text and photo modes, imageoverlay and 2/4/8 in 1 combination. Standard memory is 64 MB, upgradeable to512 MB, which would allow up to 2,640 sheets to be stored.


A clearly marked control panel and large touchscreen interfacemake the unit easy to use. Many automatic features are available, such as paperselect, magnification selection, exposure and tray switching. Standard papercapacity is 2,150 sheets, and can increase to 6,150 sheets with an optionalpaper deck. Five maximum paper sources allow for a variety of sizes. The Vi7360can connect to a network, allowing users to create finished documents at 75 ppmfrom their desktops. Kyocera Mita America, Inc., Fairfield, NJ, (800) 222-6482,


MacDermidColorSpan, Inc. has introduced the DisplayMakerEsprit to its line of printers. Theunit prints in eight colors on sheet-fed rigid media as well as on roll-fedflexible media. It features a 52” print width, adjustable print head height,and a touch-screen control pad. Eight print heads enable a variety of printmodes, while thermal ink jet cartridges ensure high reliability. The unit canhandle 150 square feet of printing per hour in four-color mode at 600 dpiresolution. In eight-color mode at 1,800 dpi apparent resolution, it can print 52 square feet per hour. The Espritprints with either Endura-Chrome dye inks or Perma-Chrome pigmented inks, bothavailable in a variety of process colors. Automation Eye technology uses a CCDcamera to align and calibrate cartridges, to check each individual jet’sintegrity, and to ensure accurate color. An upgrade system also allows forforced air heated drying of documents, an automatic take-up spool, and 12-colorprinting. MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc.,Eden Prairie, MN, (952) 944-9330,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.