Take Control of Wiring

Panduit’s Flat PostStandoff is designed to secure wire bundles above or away from adjacentsurfaces whenever required. A special feature of the Standoff is its flatprofile, which makes it ideal for use in enclosures where depth in mountingspace may not be available. For maximum versatility in application, the productis designed with standard EIA mounting hole spacing, allowing it to be utilizedin both network enclosures or in standard open racks. Additional versatility isprovided by the product’s cable tie slot design, which allows cable or cablebundles to be secured in either vertical or horizontal positions. The productmay be used with miniature, intermediate or standard size cable ties. It isconstructed of a durable nylon material and may be mounted with 1/4” (M6)screws.

In addition, Panduit has announced enhancements to its Fiber-Duct Routing System fittings. Thenew fittings include pre-drilled 8mm assembly holes as a standard feature onall 2” and 4” system fittings, with the exception of end cap parts. Pre-drilledholes are also offered as an option on 6’ lengths of duct. These holes willprovide savings in time and costs to installers who mechanically fastenFiber-Duct system components together. The pre-drilled holes are sized for usewith either Panduit Plastic Snap Rivets or common bolts. The Fiber-Duct systemis a popular choice for routing fiber optic cable in areas such astelecommunications closets, central offices, equipment rooms, entrancefacilities and appropriate floor and ceiling spaces. It is also suitable foruse in many other applications, including installations utilizing Category 5,5E, 6 UTP, ScTP and Coax cabling. All fittings and duct components are ULListed as an Optical Fiber Raceway for general use (UL2024), with a UL 94V-0flammability rating. Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL, (888) 506-5400, www.panduit.com.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.