Gateway to a Wireless Broadband Network

The Consumer Networks Business Unit (formerly Farallon) of Proxim, Inc. has introduced its new Farallon NetLINET Wireless Broadband Gateway, a plug-and-play network gateway that allows schools and businesses to create networks that simultaneously support Macs and PCs over wired and wireless connections, and that share a single Internet connection. Along with enabling both a wired and wireless network, the Gateway allows users on local area networks to share a single cable or DSL modem Internet connection without having to obtain extra IP addresses. It also features a built-in firewall and configurable protection features so that networks with always-on Internet connections are safe from unwanted intrusions. Features like DHCP support and Web-based management for easy setup are also available.

Also from Proxim, the Farallon SkyLINE PCI Card offers non-AirPort-capable desktop Macs (such as first generation Power Mac G4s, all Power Mac G3s and most previous PCI-based Power Macs) the ability to connect to a wireless network. This allows networks to be implemented in buildings where it is expensive or impractical to wire. The Broadband Gateway and the SkyLINE PCI Card are both 802.11b-compatible, allowing them to work together with Proxim 802.11b wirefree products, the Apple AirPort Base Station and others. Proxim, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.