Education Meets Virtual Accountability, Inc. is working with Microsoft Corp. to integrate its Virtual EDucation System with the Microsoft Encarta Class Server. The Encarta Class Server is a Web-based curriculum management platform for grades K-12 that combines high-quality educational content with anytime access for teachers, students and parents. The Virtual EDucation System adds a fully integrated suite of Web-based accountability tools to the Encarta Class Server platform, allowing K-12 schools to use online, real-time information to improve educational practices.’s educational accountability system tracks performance information at the student, teacher, classroom, school, district or state level, aggregates or disaggregates data, and shows student progress in both quantified and qualified formats. Virtual EDucation also automates assessment and analysis of student performance levels over many years. In addition, assessment data on student progress can be aligned to curriculum standards and collected in real time. Test results are automatically entered into electronic grade books, allowing for automatic updates of student portfolios., San Diego, CA, (619) 296-8090,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.