Hands on Samsung's SyncMaster 570vTFT

The two biggest problems with bringing any computer hardware, especially monitors, into the classroom are size and cost. But with Samsung Electronics' new SyncMaster 570vTFT monitor you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, getting a compact 15" flat-panel LCD monitor for under $500.

Taking up about a third of the room of a traditional CRT monitor - measuring 15.2" x 17" x 7" - the 570vTFT offers enhanced TFT viewing with a 1,024 x 768 resolution. The 570vTFT offers USB capability via an optional USB hub, a multimedia base with speakers and a microphone jack. It also consumes 30 percent less power than a similar-sized CRT monitor.

A benefit for students is the monitor's built-in plug-and-play capability that allows for easy installation and optimum configuration. This feature will also work with the appropriate hardware and software to automatically configure a monitor with the host computer, selecting the optimum resolution and refresh rates to provide crisp detail, bright colors and razor-sharp images. For instructors, the 570vTFT is designed ergonomically to allow for wall mounting on any standard mounting arm.

The 570vTFT is lightweight at 15 lbs. and its controls are easily accessible at the bottom front of the monitor. In addition, its menu system is easy to navigate, making adjustments simple enough for any student. The monitor's only problem areas are its limited tilting angle and accessibility to its connectors. With the power and signal connectors attached vertically to the monitor through its base, it's difficult to reach the connectors, especially since the screen d'esn't tilt up far enough to gain easy access. But the overall simplicity of the 570vTFT combined with its impressive image quality and affordable price should please everyone.

-Matthew Miller
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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.