Editors' Pick: Virtual Ink's mimio Xi

Virtual Ink Corp., Boston, MA, (877) my-mimio, www.mimeo.com


Deemed the "next generation of digital whiteboard technology," Virtual Ink's mimio Xi is the first ultraportable device that combines on-board memory and optional battery power, allowing the user to record up to 10 hours of whiteboard notes without a PC. The mimio Xi comes with a new form factor, flash memory and battery power option for immediate use in any environment. It also features an "instant on" functionality that allows educators to instantly capture, edit and share whiteboard information electronically.

Key to mimio Xi is its future upgradability, contemporary form factor and interchangeable mimio Xi link modules that let users expand functionality and connectivity to fit their evolving needs. The first module, linkUSB, comes standard with mimio Xi. It provides high performance and fast downloads of whiteboard notes from the mimio Xi bar to a PC via a USB cable. Users will be able to interchange future connectivity modules with the linkUSB as they become available.

The mimio Xi is 18" in length and weighs approximately a pound - making it 60 percent smaller than the original mimio - making it ideal for the mobile educator. It features a flexible interface that supports new and future data communications and storage technologies, with the potential to improve communication and enhance collaboration within an institution while maximizing resources and reducing expenses. It also helps cut down on time-consuming tasks such as taking and transcribing notes.

mimio Xi utilizes the mimio software platform, which enables whiteboard notes and drawings to be captured as strokes over time in an efficient and flexible ".ink" data format. This data can then be replayed, integrated into other applications or exported into a variety of other file formats. Plug-ins for the software extend the application to enable simultaneous interactive presentations with LCD projectors (mimioMouse); conversion of handwritten notes to editable text (mimio writingRecognition); "porting" of mimio data to Microsoft NetMeeting's virtual whiteboard for local and remote participants; and streaming of whiteboard notes with synchronized voice audio over the Internet (mimio boardCast). In addition, with its "self-viewing ink" format capabilities, anyone can receive and replay the whiteboard notes captured by mimio Xi, whether or not they have the product or mimio software.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.