Powerlab 8 Complete Science Lab System

Powerlab 8 is a complete science lab system with furniture that's ideal for chemistry, biology, physics and general science classrooms. The modular octagons can be configured into several shapes, including barbells, single pods, U-shapes, or crescents of two, three, four or five units. A variety of sink units, storage options and safety equipment are also available.

With Powerlab 8, networking and data communication links are easy to add to each octagonal workstation. Each student can set up a networked laptop computer directly on the work surface, or they can pull up a mobile workstation next to the octagon and plug into the network. Perimeter benching also provides extra space for students to use computers to complete reports, perform data analysis or other activities. Perimeter benching is available in several heights and can come with built-in storage units, or educators can use separate storage units with casters to slide under the benches for maximum use of space.

Powerlab 8 also enables educators to choose from service options that fit their classroom needs. Educators can choose electrical, pneumatic, gas, water, data communication, one sink or two. For students with disabilities, Powerlab 8's ADA sink-linking unit attaches to the octagonal workstations and is fully wheelchair accessible, enabling those students to participate fully in the classroom. Modern School Supplies Inc., Hartford, CT, (800) 243-2329, www.modernss.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.