Assessment Tools... Learner Profile

Sunburst Technology has added new features to its Learner Profile assessment software, including handheld capabilities. Learner Profile 3.0 is a database and reporting tool that runs on a desktop computer, and Learner Profile To Go 3.0 is a data collection tool for Palm OS-compatible handhelds. Learner Profile programs have been enhanced with a more comprehensive system for assessing students through documentation and reporting based on school standards and objectives. They were also redesigned for use on the newest operating systems and on all Palm OS-compatible PDAs. The programs have a new user-friendly interface that makes navigation easier, and the database now accommodates national, state and local standards. Teachers can also share their observables through a newly automated import/export function.

In addition, the Learner Profile programs come loaded with new features, including a full-featured, integrated gradebook that automatically records students' observable grades. Teachers can also enter and weigh students' homework, attendance, lab work, tests, quizzes, presentations and extra credit assignments to create one complete record of everything affecting a student's grades. With Learner Profile To Go, teachers can seamlessly upload data from their PDAs to their desktop computers with Hot Sync technology. The program provides a more organized presentation of observable data and enables teachers to record classroom observations as they occur. Sunburst Technology, Pleasantville, NY, (800) 321-7511,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.